Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is the second season of American Kamen Rider. It began in 2009. It's based on Kamen Rider Ryuki.



Dragon Knight Adam (Ventaran) ► Kit Taylor
Wing Knight Len
Inscisor Richie Preston
Torque Chance (Ventaran) ► Drew Lansing
Strike Price (Ventaran) ► James Trademore
Thrust Brad Barett
Camo Grant Staley
Sting Chris Ramirez
Axe Hunt (Ventaran) ► Danny Cho
Spear Albert Cho
Siren Kase ► Maya Young (only for a shory while)
Wrath Vic Fraser
Onyx Kit Taylor (while trying to get back the Dragon Deck Back)
Advent Master Eubulon


  • Frank Taylor - Kit's missing father.
  • Detective Grimes - Frank's old friend.
  • Jesse - Kit's young friend.
  • Maya Young
  • Trent Mosely
  • Lacey Sheridan - Maya's best friend.
  • Grace Kiefer - Maya's aunt.
  • Michelle Walsh - Maya's rival.
  • Sergeant Dan Ramirez - Chris' father.


  • General Xaviax
  • Gelnewt - Xaviax's newt-like footsoldiers.
  • Sheerghosts - Xaviax's dradonfly-like alternative footsoldiers.
    • Raydragoons - Sheerghosts' evolved form.
    • Hydragoons- Sheerghosts' alternative evolved form.


Monster Animal the Monster is Based on
Dispider Spider
Terabiter female Longhorn Beetle
Zenobiter male Longhorn Beetle
Black-Headed Zebraskull Black-Headed Zebra
White-Headed Zebraskull White-Headed Zebra
Wild Gigazelles Gazelle
Wildboarder Wild Boar
Green Shark Shark
Green Hammerhead Hammerhead Shark
Blue Chested Squid Blue Squid
Red Chested Squid Blue Squid
Wild Psycorogue Cricket
Fenghuang Monster Fenghuang
Magazelle Bighorn Sheep
Omegazelle Water Buffalo
Sonorabuma Cicada
Buzzstinger Hornet red-armored Hornet
Brobajell Jellyfish
Sheildboarder blue Wild Boar
GuldStorm red/black Fenghuang
GuldMirage green Fenghuang with peacock feathers
Buzzstinger Wasp Digger Wasp
Buzzstinger Bee yellow-armored bee


  • V-Buckles - The Riders' henshin device.
  • Advent Deck - A crest-engraved card holder which holds the Advent Cards.
    • Advent Cards - Cards that the Riders use during a battle.
      • Strike Vent - The Riders' finishing attack.
      • Survive Mode
  • Visors - Card readers that each Rider inserts their card into.
    • Drag Visor - Dragon Knight's card reader, which is also a right-handed gaunlet.
      • Drag Visor-Zwei - Dragon Knight Survive Mode's visor that turned into a dragon-like gun.
    • Dark Visor - Wing Knight's card reader, which is located in his sword.
      • Dark Visor-Zwei - Wing Knight Survive Mode's visor that turned into a rapier.
    • Scissors Pincer - Inscisor's visor that is shaped like scissor-like pincers.
    • Magnu Visor - Torque's visor that's a submachine gun.
    • Bio Visor - Camo's visor that's located on his left leg.
    • Metal Visor - Thrust's visor that's located on his left shoulder.
    • Evil Visor - Sting's visor that can also be used as a shield & weapon.
    • Veno Visor - Strike's visor that resembles a staff with a cobra's head.
    • Dest Visor - Axe's visor that resembles an axe.
    • Antelope Visor - Spear's visor that's located on his right knee.
    • Blanc Visor - Siren's visor that resembles a rapier.
    • Gold Visor - Wrath's visor that resembles a scepter tipped with a phoenix ornament.
    • Black Drag Visor - Onyx's visor that resembles Dragon Knight's visor.
  • Dragon Knight's Weapons
    • Drag Saber - Dragon Knight's weapon, a sword.
    • Drag Shield - Dragon Knight's guarding weapon that resembles the bottom of a dragon.
  • Wing Knight's Weapons
    • Wing Lancer - Wing Knight's weapon, a lance.
  • Torque's Weapons
    • Giga Launcher - Torque's weapon, a bazooka.
    • Giga Cannon - Torque's secondary weapon that's located in his backpack.
    • Giga Armor - Torque's guarding weapon.
  • Camo's Weapons
    • Bio Winder - Camo's weapon, a yo-yo-like whip.
  • Thrust's Weapons
    • Metal Horn - Thrust's weapon that's shaped like a rhino's horn.
  • Sting's Weapons
    • Evil Whip - Sting's weapon, a whip.
  • Strike's Weapons
    • Veno Blade - Strike's weapon, a spiral-bladed saber.
  • Axe's Weapons
    • Dest Claw - Axe's weapon, two gaunlets that resembles Destwilder's claws.
  • Spear's Weapons
    • Antelope Stab - Spear's weapon, a double-drill gaunlet.
  • Siren's Weapons
    • Wing Shield - Siren's guarding weapon.
    • Wing Lancer - Siren's weapon, a lance.
  • Wrath's Weapons
    • Gold Sabers - Wrath's weapon, a pair of sabers.
    • Gold Shield - Wrath's guarding weapon.
  • Onyx's Weapons
    • Black Drag Saber - Onyx's weapon that resembles Dragon Knight's weapon.


Contract BeastsEdit

  • Dragreder - Dragon Knight's contract beast, a red mechanical dragon.
    • Dragranzer - Dragreder's next evolution when Dragon Knight's in his Survive Mode.
  • Black Wing - Wing Knight's contract beast, a giant mechanical bat.
    • Black Raider - Black Wing's next evolution when Wing Knight's in his Survive Mode.
  • Volcancer - Inscisor's contract beast, a mechanical crab monster.
  • Magnugiga - Torque's contract beast, a giant bull robot.
  • Genocider - A contract beast that's formed from Evildiver, Venosnaker, & Metalgelas.
    • Evildiver - Sting's contract beast, a flying mechanical stingray.
    • Venosnaker - Strike's contract beast, a giant mechanical cobra.
    • Metalgelas - Thrust's contract beast, an armored rhino beast.
  • Destwilder - Axe's contract beast, an armored tiger beast.
  • Gigazelle(s) - Spear's contract beast, an antelope monster that usually comes in a herd.
  • Blancwing - Siren's contract beast, a giant mechanical swan.
  • Biogreeza - Camo's contract beast, an iguana/chameleon monster.
  • Goldphoenix - Wrath's contract beast, a giant golden mechanical phoenix.
  • Dragblacker - Onyx's contract beast, the dark version of Dragreder.
  • Psychorogue - Eubulon's contract beast.